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About us

Is a privately run web-store located in Ticino, Switzerland, owned and operated by Maryam Deyhim and Paul Matthews for the sole purpose of providing an outlet for creative minds to showcase and to sell paintings and other items incorporating fresh design ideas directly to the discerning purchaser.

Maryam Deyhim is an Iranian artist with a unique and instantly recognisable style. Bold and sweeping strokes are combined with flashes of colour resulting in works with an intensity and tension rarely seen or experienced.

Paul Matthews, MCT has a keen interest in the arts and has arranged and promoted a number of art events. Paul is by profession a trained accountant and corprate treasurer and has held senior corporate finance positions in a variety of blue-chip corporations over the last 20 years.

Together, it is our intention to enhance the previewing, selection and purchase of original works of art and beautiful printed reproductions with fast-loading and clutter-free pages, logical browsing and searching. The layout and simple functional design allows the focus to remain on the artwork.

Beautifully reproduced prints of all original paintings can be purchased through this site in addition to the original paintings themselves.

For your convenience purchases can now be made using the safe and secure Paypal platform.

Shipment will be made by registered express post at no extra cost. Carriage by international courier can be arranged at buyer's expense.