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Maryam's biography

Maryam started to paint at a very young age and quickly found out that she could create an imaginary and harmonious world, often containing many colourful characters, side-by-side. She took classes in caricature and animation but only started to paint seriously about eight years ago with the help and encouragement of her partner, Paul Matthews.

Maryam's paintings are composed in a non-judgmental way, scenes sometimes seen in dreams or appearing as the pencil touches the paper and then spreading across it. The compositions range from semi-abstracted scenes of flora and fauna to expressive human scenes of tension and emotion.

Art is more than just an activity that brings Maryam pleasure and relaxation; it is her means of self-expression, the point of access to a world without boundaries or artificial constraints.


2019  Shortlisted for  “Soundstripes 3“ short silent films (Huddersfield)

2018  “Passion For Freedom” at Royal Opera Arcade (ROA) Gallery (London)

2018  Group Exhibition at Ashurst Emerging Artist Gallery-Winter 2018 Exhibition

2016 The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) Prize 2016 Exhibition

2016 Ashurst Emerging Art Prize exhibition (London)

2015 “Passion For Freedom” at Mall Galleries (London)

2015 Art Revolution Taipei (Taiwan)

2015 Ashurst Emerging Art Prize exhibition (London)

2014 “Passion for Freedom” at Embassy Tea Gallery (London)

2013 “A Handful of Molecules and a Bucket of Water” at the Espacio Gallery (London)

2012 Solo exhibition at the Centro Hotel (Dubai)

2012 “Artendency” at Il Ciani Lugano (Switzerland)


2019  Shortlisted for  “Soundstripes 3“ short silent films (Huddersfield)

2018  Shortlisted “Passion For Freedom ” awards at Royal Opera Arcade (ROA) Gallery (London)

2016  Honorable Mention for " Self-Portrait"- London International Creative Competition (LICC-London)

2016 Finalist-  London International Creative Competition (LICC-London)

2016 1st and 2nd place - Naive-Human figure category for Shadows and Les Miserables ( American Art Awards )

2016 Highly commended, Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, UK (London)

2015 1st place - Self-Portrait category for Self Portrait( American Art Awards )

2015 3rd place - Naive-Human category for Assembly( American Art Awards )

2015 Shortlisted “Passion For Freedom ” awards at Mall Galleries (London)

2015  3rd place - Cubism category for Crowd ( American Art Awards)

2015 Finalist - International Artist Grand Prize/Art Revolution Taipei (Taiwan)

2015 Shortlisted for Ashurst Emerging Art Prize (London)

2014 Shortlisted for “Passion for Freedom” awards at Embassy Tea Gallery (London)

2014 1st place – Expressionism category for Bazaar ( American Art Awards)

2014 2nd place– Cubism category for Steam Room ( American Art Awards)

2013 1st place – Art Brut category for Bar ( American Art Awards)

2013 3rd place _ Naïve art category for Flutterby ( American Art Awards)

1997 Shortlisted for Dialogue of Nations  (Iran)


2018 Featured artist in Freedom Book (Passion For Freedom)

2018 Featured artist in WHATISART? magazine.

2013 Featured artist in Arttour International magazine's Best of Contemporary Art.