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Where: Il Ciani, Lugano, Switzerland

When: Fri 30th March 10:00 to 20:00

         Sat 31st March 10:00 to 18:00


Participating Artists

Maryam Deyhim is a 25 year-old Iranian artist with a bold and distinctive style. Her painted art works can be viewed on this site. Click this link to see her latest work Gallery

Anneke van der Zwaag was born in the Netherlands but has been living in Switzerland since 1992 and in Ticino since 1997. Anneke is an artist with a very different style which is equally bold. Her dramatic and beautiful compositions on canvas and wood can be viewed on Anneke's site. Click this link to open a new window Inspirations by Anneke

Helen Roowalla is a Swiss-born artist with a passion for nature. Helen has experimented with a variety of styles and subjects and oil and canvas is her preferred medium. Examples of Helen's work can be found on her site. Click the link to open a new window HERO

Fred Laubi is another Swiss artist. A mature gentleman who discovered his painting mojo following retirement. Fred's work is firmly set in the world of clearly defined form and is fresh and bright and engaging. Click the link to open Fred's web page and discover his latest work Abstract Art Gallery

Mina is a Maltese born artist, photographer, blogger and writer trained in art in London and Malta. Mina has a diverse experiences across a variety of artistic media including and has used these experiences to produce distinctive painted artworks. Click the following link to open Mina's web page where you can view some of her more recent works

Rima Wurzenrainer is an Austrian artist, born in England. Rima is best known for her vivid floral compositions. Rima has exhibited on numerous occasions and so is the most experienced exhibitor amongst the artists at Art Tendency. Rima's art can be viewed at

Hannah Matthews. Hannah is a 23 year-old student at the Academia di Archittetura in Mendrisio. Hannah completed her Maturita di Liceo Artistico last year at CSIA, Lugano.


Inspirations by Anneke van der Zwaag...

Distinctive creations by Anneke on wood

Jenny, with Will, just acquired from Maryam Deyhim 

Cherine takes a final look at Dragon before deciding to buy

Paintings in the distinctive abstract style of Fred Laubi alongside the natural images of Rima Wurzenheimer

Fred with two of his bold geometric designs

More stunning paintings by Maryam Deyhim

Stopping by Fred's display

Dramatic image by Hannah Matthews


The wonderful work of Anthony Escott

Anneke van der Zwaag

Mina at her display of passionate art works

Selection of work by Mina

Two more pieces by Fred Laubi and a view of the lovely glass roof over the patio

Hannah Matthews

Paul Matthews of Artendency with Enlightened by Maryam Deyhim

Another selection of the art of Mina

Stunning image of the work of Helen Roowalla

Art Matters Exhibition - Thank you for your visit!